Yacht flag registration

Your yacht’s calling card

Alongside crewing your vessel, selecting the optimal flag registration for your yacht and her intended purpose is crucial and can affect a vessel’s commercial value. Your very ability to freely own and operate your yacht is dependent on a number of technical, legal, fiscal, financial and contractual obligations that are all conditioned by the yacht flag you select. In short, if your yacht doesn’t carry the right calling card, your use of it may be hindered unnecessarily by rules and regulations, surveys and inspections, and onerous administrative processes.

Selection & Flag Registration

Our team will help you determine the right flag for your yacht before taking charge of her registration, as well as the associated administrative process.

  • Flag selection
  • Vessel registration
  • Vessel compliance
  • Administrative optimization
  • Tax optimization
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Quality and Assurance

We recommend yacht flag that prioritize quality and assurance. Atalante is a registered Ambassador for the French International Register (RIF) Commercial Flag registration, which offers many benefits for yacht registration.

  • Annual tax exemption for the vessel
  • Reduced social security charges
  • Simplified administrative procedures
  • Income tax exemption for seafarers
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20+ years of experience and knowledge

At Atalante, we believe that just as every yacht is unique, so too is every one of our clients. For the selection and the flag registration, this means that each and every choice of yacht flag should depend on the specificities of the yacht and the particular circumstances of her owner. With 20+ years of experience and knowledge acquired, our teams are well versed in the various regulations and requirements surrounding different vessel types and their intended activities.

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